Call of Duty Warzone Mobile to see week long updates and fixes

After a tumultuous launch, the developers for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile are on full speed to fix the stability and performance issues through multiple updates.

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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile saw a huge launch, with downloads reaching over 10 million on Android devices. However, the launch was not very successful. Most of the mid-tier devices were not able to run the game properly.

The issues were because of low fps, connection, overheating, bugs, glitches and other optimization-related issues. Overheating of devices directly resulted in faster battery drain and the graphics clocking down, lowering the fps.

These problems mostly persisted on Android devices, iOS on the other hand had a relatively smooth launch. The incident also resulted in a measly 2.2 rating for the game on Google Play Store.

Devs promise fixes soon

The developers for the game are seemingly working day and night to fix these issues and bring one of the most anticipated games to Call of Duty standards. Within a few days of the release, several of the aforementioned internal issues were addressed.

Another big update that recently rolled out to many improved Graphics and Stability problems with the game specifically for android users. There was also a small change to the prices in the in-game buy stations.

As per the announcement, more updates will come throughout the week. This, will further improve the performance even more. The game is also introducing a “Rejoin Match” feature that will allow people to join after any connection issues. This feature is currently rolling out one by one.

One of the developers gave a little insight about patch 3.4 coming next week. The update will be significant and is expected to have a lot of content alongside huge fixes, coming straight from the community feedback.

"It's got a lot of content and improvements. I don't think it'll be perfect, but what has been great is the avalanche of feedback and data we are getting that helps to inform our priorities and focus in the immediate term," the dev said.

The game was supposed to be a rival to other popular battle royale games on mobile devices, however, the devs currently need to make it playable on most devices. Although, fans are quite supportive and believe that the game will be in better shape in a few weeks.

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