Blizzard adds new time-limited hero Venture in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 introduces a new Damage hero through time-limited testing free for everyone before making an official release with necessary buffs and nerfs

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Blizzard adds new time-limited hero Venture in Overwatch 2

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Blizzard is taking a new approach to introducing new heroes in Overwatch 2 with the addition of Venture, a new Damage dealer set to officially join the roster soon. However, instead of just the character and kit announcement, the hero is also available to play in casual games.

According to the latest announcement by Blizzard, Venture is currently available to try out for free. Players can jump into the game and play matches, with the limited-time hero available for everyone until March 31st. After the trial ends, they will be removed from the roster for further balance changes before being officially launched in Season 10.

The developers are likely testing out the popularity of the character while also keeping an eye out for required buffs or nerfs to the abilities based on community feedback. This is a great way to launch a new character with as little controversy as possible.

Players will not require an update, and the character can be used in every game mode except the competitive playlist. Usually, there is only one DPS in every game mode, so to give everyone a chance to try the character, the No Limits mode is also available in the arcade playlist, allowing everyone to select the same character.

Character kit and abilities:

Venture makes use of a handheld excavator that shoots explosive seismic charges like bullets. The first ability is ‘Burrow,’ which allows the character to move underground for a short duration and emerge to deal damage. Another ability is ‘Drill Dash,’ which allows players to dash into opponents, shoving them back or moving quickly away from harm's way.

The character also has two passive abilities: ‘Explorer's Resolve,’ which provides a temporary shield after using abilities, and ‘Clobber,’ which increases the damage from quick melee attacks. As for the ultimate ability, ‘Tectonic Shock,’ Venture sends out a shockwave similar to Reinhardt’s Earthshatter but in a relatively wide, straight area, damaging anyone caught inside it.

Players will not be able to try the character for a while after the trial ends on March 31st. The venture will then be officially added as a hero in Season 10 of Overwatch 2, which is set to start on April 16th.

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