Best aim trainers for FPS esports games

First-person shooter games require a lot of time to master, as different games have different gameplay aspects. Here are the five best aim trainers in the market.

Harsh Adwani
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Best aim trainers for FPS esports games (source: X)

Best aim trainers for FPS esports games (source: X)

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First-person shooter games require a lot of time to master, as different games have different gameplay aspects. However, there is one important thing that is common in all FPS games, Aim. However, even aiming can feel different across each game. 

Having a good aim takes away a lot of struggle in video games, and to have a good aim, players need a lot of practice. Every game has some sort of training area, but it is usually limited. To do effective aim training, players need to go with external standalone aim trainers. 

These trainers have a lot of options and custom scenarios that allow the player to be ready for anything.

Here are the five best aim trainers in the market:

1. Aimlabs 


Aimlabs previously Aim Lab is currently the most popular aim trainer. It is one of the most comprehensive aim trainers in the market featuring presets for multiple popular gamers like Counter-Strike, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends and more.

The trainer also features a variety of training scenarios for the games alongside regular aim training. Players who are looking to improve their aim should try it out as it costs nothing. The software is free but contains in-app purchases for supporter packs like weapon skins.

Mobile gamers are also in luck as Aimlabs is also available for mobile devices. It is called ‘Aim Lab Mobile’ and has preset for games like PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile and more. Players can play in FPP or TPP and use either a gyroscope or manual aiming. 

2. KovaaK’s


KovaaK is a premium alternative for players who want to improve their aim. While not massively overpriced, players do need to buy it before jumping in. The price is set a $10, but can vary due to regional pricing. 

While other aim trainers mainly focus on improving aim and reflexes, KovaaK also focuses heavily on in-game scenarios. Even the smallest things that could happen in a game can be practised in KovaaK’s. Players can also create their scenarios and share them with others. Sadly, KovaaK’s is currently not available for mobile devices.

3. 3D Aim Trainer 

3D Aim Trainer

Another great aim trainer available for both PC and mobile devices, 3D Aim Trainer also features over 60 aim training exercises, including 1v1 matches. Players can also get detailed statistics, on how they performed during that session, and can also make custom modes 

For mobile devices, the app is available on Google Play Store, and for PC, players can get it on Steam for free. It is a great alternative for free aim training software if players do not like Aimlabs. However, the software is currently in early access and will improve more with time. 


If players want to try out aim trainers without any form of purchase or download, online aim trainers are their best bet. Online trainers are very simple to use and do not require any download or purchase or download. However, they have much fewer training options and are usually limited to aim training variations and reaction times. 

There are a lot of online aim trainers, however, is arguably one of the best which is lightweight and does not require any form of signup. It features multiple tests like moving target, reflexes, precision, double shot, and a few more. Players can also make a custom game in each of these modes to go even beyond their training. 

5. Aimbeast 


Aimbeast is another great paid aim training software for PC games that features a great deal of customization and long training sessions, Players can also play PvP with others in a custom arena to compare skills. 

Like other aim trainers, Aimbeast also provides performance progress tracking to see how much players have improved or where they need improvement. It is priced cheaper than KovaaK’s at $8 and also has regional pricing on Steam.