Atlanta FaZe goes undefeated at Call of Duty League 2024 Stage 3 Major Qualifiers

With a pristine 7-0 run at the Call of Duty League 2024, Atlanta FaZe is once again aiming for the top spot while Boston Breach are still struggling to get a grasp.

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CDL Major 3

Atlanta FaZe at CDL Major 3 (Source - CDL)

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The Call of Duty League 2024 Stage 3 Major Qualifiers hosted by Toronto Ultra are about to conclude with only three matches remaining and Atlanta FaZe have now gone 7-0 at the qualifiers. FaZe in their seventh match have not lost a single one and secured 70 CDL points moving forward to the Major.

FaZe also previously secured the First and Second CDL Major and is aiming to do the same for the other two, and fans are ready to witness. On the other hand, Boston Breach was not able to secure even a single match.

The team has already been struggling since the First Qualifiers and Majors and has not been able to stock up on the CDL points. These points will determine which of the eight teams from the regular season will go to compete at the Call of Duty League Championship 2024.

Current standings at Stage 3 Major Qualifiers -

Atlanta FaZe (7W-0L) - 70 points

Toronto Ultra (5W-1L) - 50 points

OpTic Texas (5W-1L) - 50 points

Los Angeles Thieves (5W-1L) - 50 points

Seattle Surge (3W-4L) - 30 points

Carolina Royal Ravens (3W-4L) - 30 points

New York Subliners (3W-3L) - 30 points

Miami Heretics (2W-4L) - 20 points

Los Angeles Guerrillas (2W-4L) - 20 points

Las Vegas Legion (2W-5L) - 20 points

Minnesota RØKKR (2W-5L) - 20 points

Boston Breach (0W-7L) - 0 points

While all the teams will qualify for the major, the top eight will move to the upper bracket in a double-elimination bracket. The bottom four will move to the lower bracket, where one loss will mean game-over.

Currently, Miami Heretics, Los Angeles Guerrillas and the New York Subliners are fighting for a spot in the upper brackets. Here are the final three matchups for May 12/13 depending on the time zone-

Miami Heretics Vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

Toronto Ultra Vs New York Subliners

Los Angeles Thieves Vs OpTic Texas