5 esports tricks used by pro-esports players to improve their skills

The more everyone watches pros doing some insane plays, the more everyone wonders, how do they do it? Read the article to learn the tricks professional esports players do to improve their skills.

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The more everyone watches pros doing some insane plays, the more everyone wonders, how do they do it? Many would simply say they practice or are gifted, there is no definitive answer. Many other things in the equation that help players improve their game.

While many would not reveal what they do to others, there are a lot of common elements that all pros do which have the same amount of effect on a player’s skill. Here are five tricks professional esports players do to improve their skills.

Let us check 5 esports tricks used by sports players to improve their skills:

1. Observe and Learn

Observe and Learn (Source: Google)

Learning is a perpetual cycle, which applies to esports too. It is one of the most common moves that pros use daily. The players while practicing usually have the best learning of the mechanics. During that time, they also try to find different ways of attacking and defending.

Once others face or see something new in action, they often try to learn or at least keep a note and take advantage of it. A great example can be the different types of utility used in Counter-Strike. Once a player gets noticed, another does a new utility dump, they will also learn it and use it according to their needs.

Players who aspire to become a professionals in any game should also watch matches and try to analyse different line-ups used by pros. Another great way to learn is to watch videos for the game online. Many teach things players can do in the game.

 2. Practice

Practice (Source: Twitter)

One of the most obvious tricks in the book is that practice is probably the most important thing to do. Esports pros spend most of their time practising, almost while not competing. They also use external software to improve their mechanical skills.

Many of these are free to improve the aim or reaction time while also providing a great warm-up. Do note that the learning pace is different for everybody.

This not only creates a habit but also muscle memory, making things easy. Practising consistently will also improve the sense of the game and awareness, which are the most important things in online video games. More practice means the player will have more knowledge of what to do in different situations.

 3. Scrims

Scrim Esports Gaming Center (Source: Twitter)

Scrims are when pros go against other pros in a friendly match. These are held regularly between organizations and often have the same rules as the tournament. Many do not play on the same level as these pros in regular matchmaking, playing against other good players also improves their gameplay.

For players planning to go pro, the best way to join scrims is to join a community first. Many good players will provide great challenges and create a habit of analysing the style of the opponent. Players should also not shy away from trying something new during scrims, as they might find some way to gain an advantage.

 4. Ask for feedback

Professional video-game streamers expected to make $100 million in 2023 (Source: Twitter)

Pros have coaches to guide them who themselves are experienced players. Why did they lose in that particular situation and what they could’ve done better? These are some common questions pros seek to improve upon.

Aspiring players should also not shy away from taking other people’s opinions and have them guide them through. In a team game, ask teammates to spectate and tell where any improvement can be made or something you did wrong or could have done better.

 5. Stay Updated

IEM Cologne 2023 (Source: Twitter)

Online games, especially competitive games, go through changes from time to time. Sometimes there may be weapon or damage changes, while sometimes the map sees some changes. A pro needs to know about every change in the game they play.

Sometimes, these changes affect the game a lot, and knowing about them helps pros adjust to a new gameplay style. Players should also stay updated on these changes, especially for a game they plan to go pro in.


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