5 Esports games with all-time highest prize pool

Check out the top 5 esports games with the all-time highest prize pool. The amount is so huge that it will leave you shell-shocked.

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PUBG Mobile and Fortnite (Source: X)

PUBG Mobile and Fortnite (Source: X)

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Ever since esports started picking up, it has opened up a new avenue for gamers. Making a living while playing video games while also being popular is everyone’s dream nowadays.

Some of the games stand out compared to others and boast some of the highest amount of viewership while keeping the players motivated to play. Today you’ll get to know the top five esports titles that have distributed the highest amount of prize money from their tournaments.

Here are the top 5 esports games with all-time highest prize pool:

5. PUBG Mobile

PUBG (Source: X)
PUBG (Source: X)

The only game that made it into the top five, PUBG Mobile took the mobile gaming community by storm. PUBGM has distributed over $84 million in the prize pool since its release. As a comparison, PUBG on PC has only distributed $52 million.

Mobile games in general have been getting everyone’s attention recently. They are usually free to play and quite inexpensive compared to a PC setup. The games on mobile devices can also be played anywhere without much hassle.

There is a good chance of mobile games overtaking a few more top spots from PC titles in the near future. Honor of Kings, another mobile esports title is climbing up the ranks quite fast.

4. League of Legends

League of Legends (Source: X)
League of Legends (Source: X)

Apart from reaching the highest number of viewership League of Legends is also one of the highest-paying games. Apart from being famous for its glitz and glamour, the game is also popular for having very large prize pools which are quite consistent ever since the game became mainstream.

With a total prize distribution of over $102 million, the league is one of the most popular esports titles. It is also one of the few games that actually focuses on its branding and is involved with its community.

3. Fortnite 

Fortnite (Source: X)
Fortnite (Source: X)

While being one of the youngest entries in the PC esports market, Fortnite has made quite a name for itself. Ever since the first Fortnite World Cup, the prize pool has been consistently high with over $50 million distributed across multiple events in 2019.

While the next few years saw a drop, the game has picked up pace again and partnered with Blast for its upcoming tournaments. As of now, the game has distributed over $117 million in around 700 tournaments which is quite impressive.

2. Counter Strike

Counter Strike (Source: X)
Counter Strike (Source: X)

On the second spot, we have our beloved FPS title, Counter Strike. While nowhere close to the prize pool of first place, CS have also distributed an impressive $136+ million in the esports prize pool. It is also one of the most popular esports titles with over 7000 tournaments.

Counter Strike usually have multiple high-profile tournaments both from Valve and other big organizers. It is also one of the oldest esports titles which further adds to the reason why it was able to amass such a big number.

1. Dota 2

Dota 2 (Source: X)
Dota 2 (Source: X)

With an overall prize pool of over $313 million, Dota 2 sits on top of the throne. How did Valve do this? It was quite simple, starting from the third TI the company announced that each sale of its battle pass would add to the prize pool of the tournament.

Dota 2 is also behind most of the players with the highest winnings in esports. Few esports teams like OG have most of their winnings from Dota 2. Out of $38 million total winnings over $36 million came from Dota 2.

Apart from distributing the most in Prize Pool, Dota 2 also holds the record for the largest prize pool for a single tournament. The International 2021 saw a massive prize pool of over $40 million.