Top 5 Hollywood Sci-Fi movies of all time

Hollywood is still one of the most iconic film industries that we have known. One of the most popular movie genres is the Sci-Fi genre. Here are the top 5 movies in this genre.

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Sci-Fi movies (Source: X)

Sci-Fi movies (Source: X)

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Hollywood is still one of the most iconic film industries that we have known. The amount of legendary films that we have seen in the Hollywood industry are still iconic to this day. There are big moments witnessed throughout history. There have been some legendary actors like Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio that we still admire.  There have been a lot of movie genres that we have enjoyed every time.

One of the most popular movie genres is the Science fiction genre. These are the types of movies that are known to keep audiences excited due to the technical detail and incredible special effects. Hollywood has been known for some of the best Sci-Fi movies in cinema. They were one of the first film industries to dabble in this genre and make it one of the most popular movies in the world

So, let us take a look at the top 5 movies in this genre of all time:

5. Avatar


This was one of the most unique takes on Cinema written and directed by the great James Cameron. The film is set at the time when the Earth is in its post-apocalyptic era forcing the people to move to another moon planet known as Pandora. The film was lauded for its phenomenal CGI and attention to detail. This was one of the highest-grossing movies of all time in 2009. This was one of the first few movies that gave us next-level special effects that impressed everyone.

4. The Matrix

The Matrix

It was this Wachowski sibling movie that became one of the most popular Sci-Fi action scenes of all time. This was also when Keanu Reeves reinvented himself as a bankable leading superstar. The Matrix had some of the best action sequences and technical details that have been iconic. The people were immersed in the journey of Neo into the world where his reality kept altering. We all did enjoy the bullet dodging and slow-motion action sequences in the movie, but it was the characters who were well-written in the plot that made this movie a classic.

3. The Terminator

The Terminator

This was the movie which kept Arnold Schwarzenegger on the map, which is once again a James Cameron classic. This movie was based on a Cyborg who went back in time to assassinate a person since it was the task given to him. Even though the main heroes of the movie were Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton, it was Arnold’s character of the stone-faced and ruthless cyborg which the audience admired. The events of time travelling, action sequences and iconic quotes such as ‘ Hasta La vista baby’ and ‘ I’ll be back’ were what made this film a classic that it is known for. With its popularity, we are not surprised that there has been an entire series of the film as well.

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2. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

The Star Wars franchise still became one of the most iconic series of all time. The Jedi and the Sith are one of the iconic factions in the series. Even though the whole series has been a mixed bag, The Empire Strikes Back is one of the best movies, where we finally see the likes of Darth Vader and the dark side create havoc. This movie has had some of the best battles among the Jedi and the Sith lords that we have seen. This is one of the Star Wars movies that we go back to watching if we want that science fiction drama to keep us hooked.

1. Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

This is the best movie the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) has given us. Seeing some of our favourite superheroes battle it out against one of the strongest super villains in the world. This movie was known not only for its action sequences and special effects but for the iconic characters as well. There might have been a few sad moments in the movies due to some heroes sacrificing themselves for the greater good, but this movie will still be remembered as one of the best MCU movies we have ever witnessed. The final battle between the heroes and Thanos’s army was an absolute masterpiece that we like to witness every time we go back to this film.