Top 10 horror movies of all time which became a box-office hit

The horror genre in Hollywood started its journey from being everybody’s least favourite. Even though horror movies are low-budget movies, their revenue generation is always higher than any other genre. Check out the Top 10 Horror movies which became a big box-office hit.

Arunima Purohit
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Top 10 Horror Box-Office Hits

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The horror genre in Hollywood started its journey from being everybody’s least favourite. Its transition from the 1980s to the 1990s was huge, as that was the period when the genre started getting responses from viewers. Even though the critics have always demeaned the genre, the fans have stayed loyal to it. 

Even though horror movies are low-budget movies, their revenue generation is always higher than any other genre. Several movies have gained a lot of traction at the box office while some failed to entertain the audience. 

Let us check out the top 10 horror box-office hits: 

10. Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Annabelle Creation (Source: IMDb)

The Annabell: Creation is one of those doll movies that became very popular within a short period. Unlike every other doll movie, Annabelle had something new to cater to the audience’s needs. The plot of story revolved around a doll-maker and his wife who lost their daughter in a car accident. Later, they become the targets of the doll-maker's possessed creation, Annabelle. The movie’s overall revenue at the box office was $306,515,884. 

 9. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

Resident Evil (Source: IMDb)

The final installment of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter came in 2016 and was made with a budget of 40 million dollars. However, the movie’s annual gross revenue was $310 million. Even though the movie got a lot of negative response from the critics, the revenue suggests a different picture when it comes to the audience. 


8. The Conjuring (2013) 

The Conjuring

Whenever the horror genre comes up, the Conjuring series tops the list. When the movie was released in 2013, it became the highest-grossing horror film of all time. The movie was based on true encounters of paranormal investigators and the story was about the Perron family who bought a house that was inhabited by a spirit. Overall, the movie gained appreciation for direction, cinematography, and use of practical effects. Moreover, the movie’s gross revenue generated was - $319,494,638.

 7. A Quiet Place (2018)  

A Quiet Place (Source: IMDb)

The movie, A Quiet Place released in 2018 was a unique movie which again gained the attention of viewers. The basic plot of the movie was on a post-apocalyptic world which was inhabited by blind creatures who possess an enhanced sense of hearing. The entire movie was about the Abbott family who survived in that situation by avoiding making unnecessary noises. Since the storyline was different and the acting was phenomenal, the movie made an income of $340,952,971.

6. Hannibal (2001)  

Hannibal (Source: IMDb)

The sequel of the 1991 sensation Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal came to theatres in 2001. The movie did not disappoint its audience as the anticipation was high. Moreover, for any R-rated movie, Hannibal got a good response and got the largest opening weekend. The movie’s budget was around $58 million, and it generated a revenue of $351,692,268.

 5. The Nun (2018)

The Nun (Source: IMDb)  

The Conjuring Universe made a movie in 2018 called The Nun. The movie attracted phenomenal attention from the unexpected crowd. The plot revolved around a nun whose main motive was to get to the bottom of an unholy secret in 1952 Romania. As per the critics, the movie’s plot was quite weak, however, the thriller part of the movie kept the audience hooked to their seats. Moreover, in the box office, the movie earned $365,550,119. 

 4. Prometheus (2012)  

Prometheus (Source: IMDb)

Prometheus was a sci-fi horror movie which was released in 2012. The movie is a quasi-prequel to the 1979 hit Alien but has an entirely different storyline. Even though it received a lot of criticism and failed to meet studio expectations, it did reach the hearts of the audience. Moreover, the movie generated a revenue of $403,354,469.

 3. The Exorcist (1973)  

The Exorcist (Source: IMDb)

Dating back to 1973, the Exorcist was one of the most famous movies in the horror genre. People loved the movie which helped the movie make an income of $441,306,145. The story was about a little girl who was possessed by demons and the activities of exorcism following that. It also became the very first horror film to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. 

 2. World War Z (2013)  

World War Z (Source: IMDb)

The zombie epic, World War Z, was released in 2013 and made an income of $540,007,876. The movie’s plot is about a former United Nations investigator who travels the world to find a cure for the zombie apocalypse. The movie made up to 66.4 million dollars in its opening weekend and became the biggest opening for a Brad Pitt film ever. 

 1. IT: Chapter One (2017)  

IT (Source: IMDb)

The movie, IT: Chapter One premiered in 2017 and made a total income of $700,381,759. Moreover, in the opening weekend, the movie earned 123.4 million dollars worldwide. The movie is about a few children who were terrorized by the evil entity known as IT while at the same time dealing with their demons at home. It received a lot of appreciation from not only the fans, but the critics as well for its cast, scares, atmosphere, and cinematography.