Watch: England’s County Championship sees Duck 'duck' a ball in comical moment

Watch a hilarious moment in England's County Championship as a duck wanders onto the field and expertly 'ducks' a ball, delighting fans and quickly going viral on social media.

Deepak Joshi
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Lancashire and Derbyshire clashed in a Vitality County Championship match on June 2, where Lancashire emerged victorious by 57 runs. Thanks to an exceptional performance by Lancashire’s bowlers, who restricted Derbyshire to a mere 122 runs and also got the wickets of all 10 batters.

Meanwhile, during the contest, an unexpected incident stole the spotlight as a duck wandered onto the field, settling on the ground. As the batter on strike flicked the ball towards the onside, it almost struck the duck. However, the duck managed to "duck" just in time, allowing the ball to pass over it. This scene delighted fans, who quickly shared the video across social media, making it an internet sensation.

Watch the video here:

However, the video also captured Derbyshire’s player, Anuj Dal, displaying concern for the duck, anticipating that it might get hit. However, the duck adeptly avoided the ball, evading any injury. The video was uploaded by the County Championship Twitter handle with the caption “Anuj Dal was worried, but this duck played it nice and cool." 

The 'duck' moment stole the match's limelight

The sight of seagulls appearing on cricket fields, especially in Australia, is a familiar and often romanticized image in the world of cricket. Cover drives that send flocks of seagulls scattering have long been representative of the sport’s charm. Yet, this incident was uniquely captivating as such a scene had never been witnessed or recorded before in cricket.

Overall, while Lancashire’s dominant bowling secured their victory, it was the duck’s instinctive move that provided a memorable and entertaining highlight. This incident will surely be gonna stick to the memory of all the cricket fans around the world and they never gonna forget it for sure.