Top 10 superhits by Christopher Nolan ranked by Box-Office Earnings

The British and American film-maker has given numerous Hollywood superhits and is known for his exceptional filmmaking. Check out the Top 10 movies by Christopher Nolan ranked according to Box-Office Earnings.

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Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

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Christopher Nolan is known for his mind-bending psychological thriller/drama movies. He is often praised as a visionary when it comes to cinematography and movie direction. His latest creation ‘Oppenheimer’ was no exception it went to the Oscars this year and Nolan was awarded 'Best Director' Oscar award.

Many argue that his Batman trilogy single-handedly boosted the characters and his popularity. However, his older works gained the same amount of traction. Even ‘Following’ from 1998 is still popular among fans.

The argument between fans regarding his best creations is very common, so let’s take a look at which of Nolan's creations was most liked by fans.

Here are the top 10 movies by Christopher Nolan as per their box-office performance:

10. The Prestige $109.7 million

The Prestige (Source: Google)

Nolan’s fifth instalment, The Prestige, tells us a story about two magicians who become bitter enemies and try to beat each other. The movie pits Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale who is in the role of magicians who are ready to sacrifice anything. It was also the second time Nolan teamed up with Bale after the success of Batman.

 9. Insomnia $113.7 million


Beating 'The Prestige' by a close margin is 'Insomnia', a psychological thriller which features Al Pacino and Robin Williams. It is a remake of a Norwegian film. The two detectives investigating a murder case, however, in pursuit of the killer, one detective accidentally shoots his partner in fog.

8. Tenet $365.2 million

Tenet (Source: Google)

Another popular sci-fi thriller is Tenet, which was launched right after the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie saw multiple delays, despite that it did great among fans. The movie follows CIA agent John David Washington with supernatural power, tasked with preventing events leading to WW3. During this movie, Nolan maintained his relations with Warner Bros, through production and distribution.

7. Batman Begins $373.7 million

Batman Begins

The first in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Batman Begins tells a great origin story to DC’s Batman. He teamed up with Christian Bale and many other big names in Hollywood to show how Bruce trained and took on the role of Batman. It was also after Batman Begins that more people started appreciating his works.

6. Dunkirk $527 million

Dunkrik (Source: Twitter)

Based on the Dunkirk evacuation during World War II, it was one of the highest-grossing movies of Nolan. The movie itself was filmed at the original location to retain the integrity of the event. His attention to detail mixed with stunning cinematography left everyone in awe.

5. Interstellar $701.7 million

Interstellar (Source: Google)

The sci-fi drama 'Interstellar' satisfies every person’s dream to explore outer space to higher dimensions. This movie became highly popular among critics. The plot features a search for other habitable planets before Earth itself becomes inhabitable. The movie explores multiple scientific concepts, which received praise from many.

4. Inception $839 million

Inception (Source: Google)

Even after a decade, Inception is one of the best original concepts by Nolan. The movie is about thieves who can intercept and extract information from other people's minds. That is not the only thing here, as there are multiple risks involved. The movie is a great example of how Nolan can also work with original ideas.

3. Oppenheimer $953.8 million


Oppenheimer is a biopic on the father of the atomic bomb ‘J. Robert Oppenheimer.' The movie depicts the inception of atomic bombs and the series of events which continued to occur with the making of atomic bombs. Only this time around, Nolan was here to tell the story of the development of the atomic bomb. It also held Nolan in winning the Oscar for best director.

 2. The Dark Knight $1.006 billion

The Dark Knight (Source: Twitter)

The second instalment in the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight, was a masterpiece loved by comic fans and critics alike. It set a new standard for superhero movies that many are still struggling to reach. This was also thanks to how well-written and performed Heath Ledger’s Joker and Christian Bale’s Batman were.

 1. The Dark Knight Rises $1.085 billion

The Dark Knight rises (Source: Google)

Following the success of Dark Knight, the fans had very high expectations from the final instalment of the series. Sure enough, Nolan lived up to his name and delivered another masterpiece, this time featuring Bane as a villain alongside Ra al Ghul’s daughter.


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