T20 World Cup 2024: Scenarios for each team to qualify for Super 8

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Check out the detailed breakdown of the qualification scenarios for all teams aiming to reach the Super 8, only on Sports.Info

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Pakistan and England (Source: X)

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The ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024 has almost reached halfway, and one team is already out of the tournament with mathematical calculations. Moreover, there are several teams whose places are in danger, and the upcoming matches will be pretty crucial. So far, the tournament has been going great, not for the batters but for the bowlers and the viewers.

After watching some high-scoring thrillers in the IPL 2024, viewers are now watching low-scoring thrillers. The game has changed, and from batters' paradise, it has become batters' nightmare. The bowlers are enjoying the game and the wickets, especially the fast bowlers who are getting swings due to overcast conditions. 

Let's check out the Super 8 qualification scenarios for all the 20 teams:

Group A

India: After getting a brilliant start in the tournament, India have almost qualified for the Super 8 with two back-to-back wins. If they win one of their last two matches, they'll easily qualify since their net run rate is also pretty good. 

USA: This tournament is no less than a dream for the USA, as they have two consecutive matches. They also managed to beat Pakistan, which was a historic win. However, they still have to win one more game to book the Super 8's seat, and the next two matches will be between India and Ireland. 

Canada: After losing the first match against the USA, Canada made a strong comeback and won their 2nd match against Ireland. However, they lost their 3rd match against Pakistan. Now, their assignment is a must-win game for them to hang in there but it'd be against India. 

Pakistan: After two consecutive losses, Pakistan finally registered their first win of the tournament against Canada, however, they couldn't do much with their net run rate. They will play their last match against Ireland and will have to win by a big margin. They will also be dependent on the results of USA's match results. 

Ireland: Just like Pakistan, Ireland is almost out of the tournament with two losses. They will have to win both of their matches, one against the USA and the other against Pakistan, to stay in the game. 

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Group B:

Scotland: Scotland has won two games, and one game has been washed out due to rain. Hence, they are on 5 points with a great NRR. If they win at least one match, they'll qualify for the Super 8. 

Australia: The Aussies are dominating the cricket world like always. With three back-to-back wins in the tournament, they became the 3rd team to qualify for the Super 8. 

Namibia: With one win and two losses, Namibia is still alive in the tournament. However, they'll have to win the last match to be in the race of qualification, or else they'll be disqualified from the tournament. 

England: England are in a tough spot with one loss and one abandoned game. Their NRR is not good, either. Hence, they must win against Oman and Namibia to book their Super 8 spot, but they must also keep an eye on their NRR. 

Oman: Three consecutive losses in the tournament have led to Oman's disqualification. They are the only team to have been disqualified on mathematical terms. However, they might turn out to be an upset for England if they manage to beat them. 

Group C

Afghanistan: The Afghan army has won two back-to-back matches in the tournament, which has made their dreams of qualifying for the playoffs quite possible. They have to get one victory in just two games, and they'll be off to the Super 8. 

West Indies: The World Cup hosts are in a good place after winning two games. But now, their main task is to beat either Afghanistan or New Zealand in the upcoming matches to qualify for the Super 8, which might be tough. 

Uganda: Just one win out of three matches has cut down the hopes of Uganda to qualify for the Super 8. However, how they played and won their one game was historic. 

Papua New Guinea: PNG has lost two games, and their next two games are against New Zealand and Afghanistan. Hence, their chances of qualification seem bleak. 

New Zealand: The Black Caps have just played one game and still have three more important games that they have to win to qualify for the Super 8. Their next games are against West Indies, Uganda, and PNG. While Uganda and PNG might not be an issue, they'll have to be careful while playing against West Indies if they want to proceed further.

Groud D

South Africa: With three beautiful wins in the group stage, South Africa qualifies for the Super 8. Their last game is against Nepal, which they'll most likely win. Hence, they might be the only team to qualify for the Super 8 with four consecutive wins. 

BangladeshA victory over Sri Lanka helped get those two important points. However, they'll have to win their upcoming games to qualify for the Super 8, which might be difficult as their next match is against the Netherlands. If they want to qualify for Super 8, they must pull up their socks and beat the Netherlands. 

Netherlands: The Netherlands have to beat Bangladesh and Nepal to proceed to the Super 8 since they have won one out of two games. Winning against Bangladesh might be a huge challenge, but one good game can take them to the next stage. 

Nepal: The chances of Nepal's qualification for Super 8 seemed interesting as they have lost just one game and one was washed out. If they manage to play some quality cricket in their last two matches, they might qualify for the next round. 

Sri Lanka: With two back-to-back losses in the tournament and one abandoned contest, Sri Lanka will most likely be out of the tournament. They must win the last match against the Netherlands by huge margins. Even then they might be short of points since the other teams have better chances of qualifying. 

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