‘Had Surya dropped it …’ Rohit Sharma’s hilarious comment has Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde in splits

Check out what Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma said in Vidhan Sabha as he was felicitated along with the other stars for winning the T20 World Cup only on sports.info

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Indian skipper Rohit Sharma was felicitated at the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha for winning the T20 World Cup. Rohit Sharma could be seen speaking in Marathi much to the delight of the members in the house. 

Rohit began by tanking the honourable CM of Maharashtra Shri Eknath Shinde and thanked everyone who had taken time for the event. Rohit Sharma then cracked up the whole house when he spoke about Suryakumar Yadav. 

Earlier in the event, Yadav had said the catch had stuck in his hands. To this, Rohit Sharma replied “it is good it stuck in his hands otherwise I would have made him walk in the front” as the CM also burst out laughing. 

Hugh Jackman praises Rohit Sharma 

Noted Hollywood star Hugh Jackman praised Rohit Sharma and when asked to name his favourite Indian star, Jackman replied “Right now? Rohit [Sharma]. You took the [World] Cup home! I'm glad. But honestly, he was a beast!” 

Meanwhile, Abhishek Sharma while speaking to the media said that Yuvraj Singh had got emotional after India’s T20 WC win. "I was watching the match with one and only Yuvi Paji. When India won against them, he got very emotional. I got a lot of inspiration from that. And I also liked it a lot. Because it's everyone's dream to win the ICC trophy. 

Abhishek Sharma also said “And they have won a lot for India. And to see them emotional. It was a moment that I will never forget. We celebrated it as well. So I think this World Cup was very special. And I got so much motivation that I wanted to win the World Cup for India."

Ruturaj Gaikwad speaking to the media chimed in and said “"To have this kind of a win where almost we were in the jaws of defeat, and then to come back and win from there is a special moment. And a great ending for obviously three legends of T20 cricket." 

Rohit Sharma