WATCH: Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown speaks ahead of Game 2 of NBA final 2024

Basketball: Jaylen Brown enjoyed the enthusiasm inside TD Garden and he expects Celtics Nation to go above and beyond in Game 2.

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On the night Jaylen Brown was picked, he proclaimed that he was prepared to fight for the city of Boston. Now, with a title within reach, he's urging the community to rally behind him and his Celtics colleagues and join them in a fight. Brown enjoyed the enthusiasm inside TD Garden and around the city before, during, and following Thursday's Game 1 victory against the Dallas Mavericks. However, he expects Celtics Nation to go above and beyond in Game 2.

According to Celtics Jaylen Brown said, “Sunday, we are going to need our fans to be hyped,” Brown said ahead of Saturday afternoon's practice. “It's not just team versus team. It's crowd versus crowd. It's a gas station versus a gas station. Supermarket versus supermarket. It's the whole city versus the whole city. We need everybody.”

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A loud crowd is part of what makes home-court advantage so valuable, and Boston can generate the most noise of any city in the league. There were moments Thursday night when the entire arena shook, and those are the adrenaline-pumping moments that can propel players to new heights.

Kristaps Porzingis return for Boston Celtics

If the fans provide energy, Boston Celtics will reciprocate. That's the arrangement Brown wants to strike with Boston for Sunday's game. So, if you want to attend on Sunday, make sure to prepare your battle cries. Show your support wherever you go, whether it's at home, the gas station, or the store. The type of fan engagement Jaylen Brown displays helps shift the energy for his team.

When Kristaps Porzingis's center entered his first Finals game midway through the first quarter, the crowd practically blew a hole in the rafters with their shouts. The tremor from that moment swept away any cobwebs that had gathered during KP's previous 38-day absence. He checked in and took advantage of the crowd's excitement to score 11 points in his first six minutes and 20 points in 20 minutes total.

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