WATCH: Paul Pierce calls Jalen Brunson N**ga on live TV show

Basketball: In a live TV show, Paul Pierce was reading out the stats of Jalen Brunson in the ongoing NBA season. The former player called him N**ga on the TV.

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Paul Pierce called Jalen Brunson a N**ga on live TV. After the match between Indiana Pacers and Knicks in the ongoing NBA Playoffs, Pierce analyzed the match and was not too pleased with the performance of Brunson. He read out the stats of Jalen in the ongoing season and in the match against the Pacers. While reading them out, Pierce regarded Brunson as N**ga.

"First three games. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this N**ga here," said Pierce as he spoke about Brunson. The former NBA player said, "Jalen Brunson has been averaging 29 from Paces game 50% from the field." While the stats from Brunson are not that great as suggested by Pierce, the focus has been more on the term used by him to refer to the Knicks player.

Watch the video of the show here -

The video of him addressing Jalen as N**ga has gone viral on social media. While some fans made a joke around it, others claimed that it is not allowed for anyone to term a person 'N**ga' on Live TV. Some fans backed the former NBA player claiming him to be a better analyst than Lebron James. Some fans called out Paul and asked him to be banned from the panel.

'There's no excuse whatsoever' - Jalen Brunson

New York Knicks lost to the Indiana Pacers in the fourth game by a huge margin to level the series 2-2. While losing a game is part and parcel of the sport, a huge loss like 121-89 might be a tough pill to swallow. When asked if fresher legs helped the win of Pacers, Brunson did not want to show any excuses whatsoever.

"We can talk about fresher legs, we can give us all the pity that we want. Yeah, we're short-handed, but that doesn't matter right now. We have what we have and we need to go forward with that. There's no 'we're short-handed.' There is no excuse. There's no excuse whatsoever. If we lose, we lose. That's what that was," said Brunson as he accepted the defeat against the Pacers.

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