NBA: Top 5 incredible records unlikely to be broken

Check out NBA's most extraordinary records and get more about the top five incredible feats that are unlikely to ever be surpassed in basketball history.

Varun Sarwate
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The NBA is the most popular game in the world. Over the years many records have been broken by young and talented players. These young players have taken the game to the next level. While many records are not able to be broken.

Here are the top 5 records that cannot be broken:

4. Most three-pointers in the match


Klay Thompson of Golden State Warriors is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. He doesn’t need to dribble the ball as he could score 30 points with ease. On 29th October 2014, as the Golden State Warriors were facing the Chicago Bulls, he scored 14 3-pointers from his 24 takes. Later Golden State Warriors won the game by a score of 149-124 as Klay Thompson scored 52 points.

3. Highest scoring average in NBA playoffs


Former NBA Legend Michael Jordan has the highest record of scoring in NBA Playoffs. He has scored 33.45 points. He played 175 games and scored 8 times 50 points. His highest scoring average is 41.0 points per game in NBA finals.

3. Most miss three-pointers


All great scorers have a great mindset of scoring shoot. They don’t think about how many times he has missed the target. However, James Harden should just stop taking that many threes from time to time, as he’s had four games of 16 missed three-pointers throughout his career. while Damon Stoudamire also missed 16 once.

2. Longest winning record at home


Golden State Warriors under Steve Kerr was completed changed time. He made his players one of the most talented players and set a legacy in the match. In the 2015-16 NBA season Golden State Warriors were undefeated as they won 54 matches in regular season at their home. He also won many titles with the team.

11. Most Rings in the NBA


More than 70 NBA championships have been given in NBA. Phile Jackson has won 13 of them. He has won 2 as a player and 11 as a coach. Bill Russell won 2 as a coach and 11 as a player. But Red Auerbach has the record of winning. He has won 16 rings. He won 7 as an executive and 9 as a coach.