WATCH: Carlos Sainz gets fastest lap of the British Grand Prix 2024

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz gets the fastest lap of the season during the British Grand Prix race. One of the highlights for Ferrari during the race.

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Carlos Sainz (Source- Youtube)

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The British Grand Prix was one of the most fascinating races of the season, where we finally saw Lewis Hamilton have won his first race for the season. This was one of the most emotional moments for the 7-time World champion winning at home. Apart from this, there were many great games which made this one of the most iconic races to watch yesterday.

Though it was a great day for Mercedes seeing their number one driver perform, it was not really the best race for the Ferrari team who had an underwhelming performance from their drivers. this is one of the races where Charles Leclerc had failed to get a podium finish. It was Carlos Sainz, who managed to get some important points for the team finishing 5th in the race.

Sainz gets the fastest lap of the season

That was not the only achievement for the team as Carlos Sainz managed to get the fastest lap of the season for the first time in his career. Sainz finished the 52nd lap in 1:28.293 which was the fastest lap on the Silverstone circuit this year. This was the first time the Spaniard has achieved this feat and it is a great achievement for the driver. This was perhaps the only moment to celebrate for the Ferrari driver.

Watch the video below-

This was already an iconic race which gave us great moments where we saw one of the legendary racers win a big race at home and saw One of the best laps of the season where Lando Norris had taken a lead out of nowhere, but during this lap from Sainz might have not led to a podium finish but it is still a moment to cherish for his team who were probably having one of their worst races on the day.

Carlos Sainz British Grand Prix