OTD: Michael Schumacher and Ferrari were fined for the most ugliest moves in racing we have ever seen

The day one of the most decorated F1 teams in Ferrari would want to forget involving legendary racer Michael Schumacher. An incident which cost them a lot in the end.

Aiman Sharma
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Michael Schumacher(Source- Racingnews)

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Formula 1 is undoubtedly one of the largest racing platforms we have ever seen in the world. Some of the most legendary athletes are discovered in these races. One of the most successful teams in F1 is Ferrari who have been known to have some of the best drivers in the world. They comfortably had the best engines in the business and have won multiple Championships in the sport.

One of the best decisions made by the team was to recruit the legendary Michael Schumacher who was also responsible for turning the once-average team into one of the best in the world. Though Schumacher is one of the legendary figures in F1 some dark moments come with it. We will be going into detail about one of those dark moments in his career.

The 2002 Schumacher win scandal

It was on the same day on the 12th of May where this incident took place. Schumacher was comfortably still one of the top racers in the business. 22-years ago it is still something that will haunt the team even after two decades. It was in Austria where Rubens Barrichello, a driver for Ferrari slowed down in the last lap to make sure Schumacher got his 5th win out of the 6 races he competed in. It turns out that Barrichelo was asked to do that to make sure the star racer wins the race.

This was the dark moment in racing history which cost the team heavily and they were fined 1 million euros in the end. This was a sad moment for the racers who the FIA also fined for their misdeeds on the day. This didn't go well with the fans and the racing world who saw this as a very unethical way of racing. Even though after the race Schumacher stepped down from the winning podium and handed the trophy to his team mate, this is still one of the ugly historic events which we never want to look back to.


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