Drivers unite on Thorny new rules issue and its concerns

FIA issued some new rules for the 2026 season, with several changes made according to the concerns of the F1 drivers. The drivers come together and give their views on Thorny new rules issue.

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The World of sports has been going on for generations and we have seen some iconic athletes and sportsmen. There have also been some changes made in developing these sports as well. The Formula 1 has also currently gone through these changes as well. Being one of the most popular auto racing tournaments, F1 has gone through many developments as it has gone by in these days and ages.

There have been a lot of changes made from the old times in the cars and the style of the competition, to make it one of the most competitive sporting events in the world. This has made it one of the most popular racing events we have ever witnessed in the auto racing world. Even today, there are many suggestions made on how the next few seasons will also pan out going forward. This is something we all will be looking forward to seeing as well.

Drivers unite on the ' The Thorny New Rules issue'

Though there have been some developmental changes in this season as well, there are still some changes coming into play for 2026. The FIA has recently shown us a model of how the cars will look in the next two years suggesting they are going for a much more nimble approach to the vehicles. There has also been an issue with the drivers saying the car is too heavy to which they have lessened the weight of the car to 30 kg less and also suggesting a new power unit. 

Though these are some big changes the racers have still problems with the Thorny New Rules with the car only being 30 kilos less where the 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has shared his concerns saying " It's only 30 kilos, It's moving in the right direction now, but it's still heavy."

Hamilton also got some suggestions from other racers who said that the car is slow as well. Hamilton was not the only one with an issue as defending world champion Max Verstappen also supported this statement mentioning the weight saying, "I do know that the dimensions are also changing a bit, but when you're talking about a weight reduction of 30 kilos, you're really talking about the most favorable scenario. At least 100 to 150 kilos have to come off, but that's not possible with the heavy engines and batteries we're driving with." This shows that the drivers think they are going in the right direction, but there could be more the FIA can do.


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