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Sporting arenas

What are the most important sports arenas in the world?

Sporting and games have been a part of the human cultural fabric for thousands of years, and the arenas where these games have been staged rank as the greatest landmarks and marvels of engineering and architectural prowess from the most ancient of times. The Greeks had the stadium at Olympus, but the Romans had perhaps the most famous arena of all time in the Coliseum, where gladiatorial games were staged for centuries. » Read more..

Sports in the news

Watching Sports Around the World

In America, watching football is a national obsession. Nothing illustrates this more than the rabid fanfare and enthusiasm that leads up to the Superbowl. Football takes over the news and airwaves for three months in the fall and winter. There is no escaping the ubiquitous presence of gridiron and pigskin. There is a constant ticker of sport’s analysis, game day strategies and player profiles. » Read more..

Sports and Society

The Cultural Influence of Sports in Modern Society

One need look no further than a typical December Sunday afternoon in America to realize there is something special about watching live sports in the U.S. Every Sunday, millions of men and some women gather in front of their big screen television sets, ready to spend the day watching grown men play a child’s game. The NFL has become the most popular spectator sport in the United States. What is the fascination that causes wives to become football widows while their husbands are glued to the TV for hours and hours? » Read more..