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The Champions League Final: The Most Popular Match from the Most Popular Sport

Die Champions League ist eines der größten Sportevents weltweit (Quelle: Bigstock-ID-72809269-by-grapix)

The UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest sporting events in the sporting calendar all over Europe. The Champions League takes the best football teams from all over Europe and has them compete head-to-head in organized matches outside of the club’s domestic league. The whole process starts in late summer, with teams from smaller countries having to qualify for the “Group Stage” of the competition. The Group Stage is when 32 teams playing in eight groups play six matches, home and away to the other clubs in the group, to determine the final 16 teams. Once those 16 clubs are determined, they play in two-legged knockout rounds until the final two football clubs are scheduled to play a final game in a pre-selected site. » Read more..