Sporting Weather

When we think about our favorite outdoor sport activities, we rarely think about how the weather impacts us. More than a few sport outings have been less than perfect simply because we didn’t take the weather into consideration when we set out to have some fun. Here are three outdoor sport activities that are much more enjoyable when the weather is just right.


A good day on the water requires enough wind to fill the sails and keep your sport craft moving. If the weather is too calm, you can quickly find yourself stranded in the middle of the lake, waiting for even the slightest breeze to try and fill your sails. Worse, you may spend the afternoon paddling your cumbersome sailing craft back to shore. On the other hand, if the winds are too strong, the casual sailor may find the experience more frightening than exhilarating. Strong winds can take the boat up to speeds that may be more than you are prepared to manage or even rip through the sails making them worthless. Pay attention to the weather reports leading up to your sailing day and make sure the conditions are likely to fit your abilities and goals for your day of sport sailing.


In the right weather, skiing can be a wonderful sport

In the right weather, skiing can be a wonderful sport

Hitting the slopes and enjoying some downhill fun is a great way to spend a winter day. Getting up early after a snow storm so you are the first to carve a line through fresh powder is what many skiers live for. Keeping an eye on the weather is critical. Light snow is nice but a good inch or two of snowfall overnight can induce many people to call in sick while they are already on the road to their favorite mountain.


Fishing is one of the few sport activities that many people enjoy regardless of the weather conditions. Simply getting out there and communing with nature is all the pleasure they need and if they happen to net a few fish for lunch or dinner, so much the better. The weather has a big influence on when the fish feed, however. Any sport fisherman will confirm that they are biting in much larger numbers right after a light downpour than after a heavy one. A lot of this has to do with how much the bottom gets stirred up and this impacts how easily the fish can see your lure.

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